Deck Restoration Services

Do you have an older deck that looks like it may need some updating or restoring?  Are you afraid to walk around on your deck for fear of splinters?  You may be in need of a deck restoration!  It may be time for you to call Metro East Decks and have a deck inspection done in order to determine the scope of the work that needs completed.  A deck restoration project can entail multiple different levels of work depending on the budget you are working with.  A simple job may just require a paint or a stain application to help bring out the beauty of your deck.  

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Complex projects may require using a large floor sander to sand down the surface of the deck to remove the rough edges and help to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.  After sanding, a stain or paint can be applied to help seal the wood and protect it from weather damage.  Choosing a sealing agent for your deck can be frustrating.  You have to determine what color you would like it to turn out as, and doing test applications to scrap wood will help to know if you will like the end product.  Many of our deck restoration projects start with a good pressure washing to help remove all of the organic material that has grown on the deck boards.  Don’t put this off to the point where your deck is too far gone.  Call now or submit a request via our contact us form and schedule an appointment with our deck restoration professionals!

Deck Inspections

 What is a deck inspection you ask?  Well that is easy, in order to properly identify the necessary treatment that your deck restoration project will need, we need to perform a thorough deck inspection.  A deck inspection involves our deck contractors coming out to your home and analyzing the wood to determine if the wood is salvageable or not.  If the wood happens to be salvageable, we will determine how much work needs to be put into the deck restoration in order to bring it back to full luster. 

For example, in the photo above we see wood that looks old and weathered.  You can tell that the grain of the wood is starting to show signs of microfractures allowing more water to permeate the material.  During the deck inspection we will write down some steps that can be taken and provide you with a list of options to go with based on price.  In the example above the least expensive option would be to just seal the deck boards in order to prevent further water damage.  Establishing a good deck maintenance plan will also help in extending the life of your deck.  

You may however choose to go with a more expensive option in order to bring out the beauty of the wood more by sanding down the surface and then applying a stain or sealer depending on your product choice.  These projects can be time consuming depending on the unique design of the deck.  The deck layout can drastically change the price of the project if there are areas that may be hard to access for sanding and surface refinishing.  Call the number below if you would like a Covid-19 pandemic friendly socially distanced deck inspection performed on your deck!