Deck Installation

Have you scheduled a deck installation with Metro East Decks?  There are a number of things that you need to prepare for.  Our deck builders will come out and mark the area where the deck will be constructed.  If we are building a deck on the Illinois side of the river, JULIE will need to be called to identify any underground utilities so that we can safely dig for concrete pouring and post placement.  If the project is located in Missouri, we will need to call DIG RITE in order to identify underground utilities.  

Once it is safe to dig, we will begin to dig the foundation for the deck.  You will need to make sure that the area is clear of personal items and debris to make sure that we have an adequate space to work.  If the area does not have access to power, we may need to charge for the use of a generator to use our equipment.  We make sure to notify our customers that deck installation is not an overnight project.  These projects often take multiple days to complete, so be prepared that we will need to leave at the end of the day, and return in the morning to continue work on the project.  We will do our best to complete your deck installation in a timely manner.  We pride ourselves in our completed projects and we do not cut corners to try and save time on a deck installation.  Our professional deck builders will make sure that you are happy with your new deck.  Once completed, if you have a desire to add on, we can help assist you with your addition. 

Re Decking

On many occasions, a customer will come back after some time and request a re-decking.  Customers may decide initially that they want to have a wooden deck material for the flooring to save on the cost of their deck installation.  After a while, the customer decides that they have saved up enough money to remove the wooden deck material and install a composite deck material.  This re decking is fairly common once the wood has aged and is in need of deck repair.  The process for re-decking is not very complex, and we are capable of providing you with a cost estimation for the project.    Some customers choose to install a composite deck material in order to have a maintenance free deck.  There is nothing wrong with re decking at a later date to help alleviate the initial cost of the deck installation

Large projects like the one in the picture above, can cost twice as much with a composite deck material, so be prepared to tackle this project over a period of time if you are on a budget and want to eventually move to a composite deck.  Give us a call and let us know when the best time would be to come out and provide you with a free quote for your re decking project.  Whether you are looking for a new deck or a re-decking, we are here to provide you with a competitive estimate.  Metro East Decks looks forward to your next deck project.