Deck Builders Collinsville IL

Deck building is an art for Metro East Decks.  When we are out with a customer taking measurements and providing bids, our deck builders Collinsville IL are constantly looking for ways to improve on the vision of what this deck will look like in the end.  It is hard for deck contractors to visually explain and represent the ideas that we have for different projects.  Customers regularly look at our portfolio and suggest ideas that they may want for their own project.  In this way we can help to bring their vision into reality by bringing us together on the same page.  

Expert Deck Builders in Collinsville IL

We often receive calls regarding deck additions.  Some customers have had their deck for a while, and decided that they want more room to visit and entertain guests.  Our professional and insured deck builders Collinsville IL can come out and give you an estimate for the deck addition.  Deck additions are quite common, especially with customers who are working with a budget and needing to complete their deck in pieces to spread out the cost and expenses.  We understand that building decks is a high budget item and it can take time to build up to the end goal.  Once your deck is completed, our deck builders Collinsville IL can assist in a maintenance plan for extending the life of your deck!  We can provide you with suggestions to increase the life of your deck, or you can call us when you are ready for deck maintenance anytime.  If you live in the Troy IL area, be sure to check out our deck builders Troy IL page for more information.

Professional Deck Builders Collinsville IL

Collinsville Il is home to quite a few homes with decks, and we are here to help you with yours.  Is your deck in need of some TLC?  Are you looking to make repairs to your deck so that it is safer and more enjoyable?  Well look no further, for Metro East Decks as your deck builders Collinsville IL.  We can perform a large array of services to help restore your deck and bring back its beauty.  We can help you with pressure washing and sealing the deck to help not only improve the appearance but to help increase the life of your deck.  Deck Maintenance is just a regular part of upkeep on a deck.

Professional Deck Builders in Collinsville IL

A deck should have yearly inspections done to make sure that the wood is not rotting or deteriorating in any way.  Metro East Decks can come out and perform a deck inspection to help identify high risk items that need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

     Another commonly asked question is, “Our deck boards are starting to splinter, is there any way to make the deck smoother so we can walk barefoot on it?”  Well the simplest answer is yes.  We can have deck contractors come out and sand the surface down using a machine that is designed for sanding down wood flooring.  Once the surface is smooth and to your liking, we can then seal the deck using a special type of stain that will help to prevent water from damaging the wood over time.  Give us a call and one of our professional deck contractors will come out and give you a free estimate!