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Metro East Decks services the St. Louis Metro East area on the Illinois side of the river.  We service St. Louis, Belleville, O’Fallon, Troy, Maryville, Collinsville, Edwardsville and surrounding areas!  We offer a wide variety of services to include deck repair, deck restoration, deck installation, and deck maintenance.

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New Deck

 If you have a deck that is beyond repair or you are just too fed up with all of the effort it takes to restore it to good health, we can build you a new deck.

Building a new deck can be a big investment, and we want to be the deck builders for your project to ensure you are satisfied with the end product.  

There are not many deck builders who dedicate all of their effort into specializing in decks.  Many deck building Belleville IL experts work in multiple different fields of construction.

We offer safe and social distancing quotes for your deck so that we can help curb the spread of Covid-19.

We at Metro East Decks specialize primarily in decks.  We have spent years going jobsite to jobsite fixing common errors made by other deck builders St. Louis.

Just give us a call or leave us a message through our contact form, and we can come out and speak with you at a safe distance while we maintain your deck.

Depending on the complexity of the project, we can have the free quote back to you fairly soon so that you can decide what adjustments you would like to make to it.

We are here to help bring your dreams to life!

 When was the last time you looked at your backyard and imagined a beautiful deck to sit out on and enjoy the weather?  With the Covid-19 pandemic, we know many customers are looking for a large outdoor area where they can gather with their friends and family safely and at the necessary social distance.  It will be important for many months to come to maintain this social distance so we can help curb the spread of the virus!  That leaves many of us wondering when we will ever be able to see our friends and families again.  There is no safer place to visit with our loved ones, then outdoors on a beautiful new deck.  Our deck building Belleville IL professionals can help you design your new deck to accommodate for social distancing.

No Job Is to Big for Us. We'll Get It Done.

We understand that many of our customers are looking for ways to visit with people safely, and there is no better way to do so than on your new deck built by our expert deck builders.  Feel free to call us anytime, and leave a message through our form above so that we can get a better idea of the work that you are looking to have done.  The more details you can provide us about your project, the better we will be able to serve you and your family.  Under the details of job section, be sure to let us know if you are leaning more towards a composite or a wood deck so that we can get an idea of what costs we can assume right out of the door.

Why should you build your new deck with us?

 Are you in the market for a new deck?  Are you looking to be the host of big barbecues this season out on your new deck with friends and family?  Well look no further!  We offer our clients a wide range of products to select from to include but not limited to Composite and wood deck material for your brand new deck.  Our deck builders can provide you with a great quality new deck that will last for many years.  The cost of materials is not getting any cheaper.  It is time to start working with our highly trained deck contractors to begin designing your beautiful new deck.  There are many different options to choose from, and we will be sure to provide you with samples to help find the best solution.  There are many benefits to choosing a composite deck material, but the cost is definitely higher than the wood counterpart.  Maybe you are looking for something that is maintenance free?  A Maintenance free deck is always something to be proud of.  Not needing to regularly treat the material with water repelling products, and not needing to sand down rough surfaces to avoid the random splinter in the foot.  Some people still enjoy the feel of a good wooden deck, and we understand!  There is just something about the smell of a finished wooden deck that reminds you of a warm summer day.  This summer enjoy drinks out on your new deck with your friends and family.

Can I replace my deck boards with composite deck boards?

We often hear, “What if I want to remove my old wooden deck and replace it with a composite deck?”  We can help you with that.  You don’t always have to replace the entire deck when going this route.  We can remove the wooden deck flooring material, and check the health of the joists running underneath it.  If the joists look to be healthy enough, we can simply just install the composite deck material utilizing the existing joists saving time and money.  We look to find good solutions that will help save you money in the long run.  The price of lumber right now is rather high compared to years in the past.  Since the start of the pandemic, many lumber mills have had trouble producing enough lumber to keep up with demand, and that is driving the prices up for customers and deck builders Belleville IL.  This price inflation is making it more and more justifiable to spend the money on a composite deck.  The price of the composite deck has always been at least twice as much in years past, but now with the price of lumber being so high, the cost is very reasonable in comparison.  The composite deck material also holds up better to the weather and elements for longer periods of time.  You will also not have to worry about the regular maintenance that the wood deck requires.  These are many reasons why many of our customers have been choosing to build their new deck utilizing the composite deck material.  It is a good long term investment that will last for many years and outlive the life of the wood counterpart.

Deck Builder Belleville IL Professionals

20+ Years Experience

We have the experience to serve you!  Are you looking to add character to your home?  Well improving that curb appeal just may be the best thing you do for your home.  The first thing people see will provide a lasting first impression that may help improve the value of your home.

Professional Services

Allow our deck builder belleville il to come out and provide you with a free quote to build your family a brand new deck.  Our deck contractors are prepared to analyze the layout of your exterior and determine what the best course of action is to take for designing your new deck.

Completed Projects

One of the first steps is to decide what you are looking to spend on a deck.  Materials have greatly increased in price since the pandemic hit, so be prepared that this will not be an inexpensive addition to your home.  We do our best to provide an affordable product for our customers ensuring that the quality is top notch.

Let's Build Your Dreams!

 A deck builder Belleville IL team can help you design and build your deck for you soon after we give you the quote.  Maybe you have an existing deck that just needs some TLC.  We can also provide you with some deck restoration solutions by identifying some less expensive solutions compared to building a brand new deck.  Some decks just need to be pressure washed and stained to improve the appearance and life of the deck.  Pressure washing a deck is a great way to remove unwanted algae and organic material that can cause wood to decay faster.  Removing this with a pressure washer will not only improve the life expectancy of the wood, but it will also improve the appearance.  Organic matter can build up on the surface of the deck creating an off color tint that makes your deck look old and distasteful.  What if you don’t have a pressure washer?  Some people use a detergent along with a pressure nozzle on their garden hose to clean their deck.  In some instances it may be necessary to scrub with the detergent to remove the organic material depending on the amount built up over time.

deck builder Belleville IL

Finishing your deck project

 We always suggest finding a stain that you prefer, and applying it to the deck soon after pressure washing to make sure that the wood is sealed and protected.  Don’t wait too long between pressure washing your deck and staining it.  You would not want more organic matter to absorb into the wood’s surface.  We usually suggest waiting no more than a couple of weeks after pressure washing to make sure that the wood is sealed properly to increase the life of your deck.  We are more than happy to help you restore your deck back to life while saving you the cost of replacing it!  In some cases, a deck can be too far gone to restore it, in which case we can help you decide how to go about replacing it.  Our deck builders Belleville IL contractors can work with you to find the best option for you and your family.

We are experts with deck building in Belleville IL

We are asked often what areas that we serve, and the simplest of the answers is this:   the St. Louis metro east area.  They don’t call us “Metro East Decks” for nothing.  I know this is such a general area, but we honestly have a wide range that we can operate from.  If you are looking for deck builders Belleville IL then you are coming to the right place!  We can provide you with a free estimate for whatever decking material you would like to use for your deck.  Maybe you have an old deck that you need us to restore for you.  Our deck builders Belleville IL experts spend much of our time following up after other deck contractors.  Many installations that we see are not properly installed to begin with and we find ourselves making corrections to these errors quite often.  Learn more information about our process on our blog.

     We offer custom woodworking and design for your deck to ensure that you have a unique and artistic product.  Our deck railing will provide you with a decorative and functional use by not only looking beautiful, but also within the code standards for safety.  Our professional services at Metro East Decks are beyond compare.  Most deck contractors in the area have basic designs that they stick with and rarely do custom decorative work on the decks they install.  Come and check out our deck builders St Louis page if you are in the St. Louis County area.

deck builder Belleville IL

Deck Repair Services in Belleville IL

 Our deck builder Belleville IL can provide deck repair services as well.  If you have a deck that has been damaged we can come and make repairs to it.  Sometimes the job can be as simple as replacing a few boards that are damaged or rotting.  Once the new boards are in place we can then treat the entire deck with a water repellent product to help ensure it lasts longer.  Many of our customers prefer to pick out a type of stain that appeals to their exterior decorations.  We can only recommend different types of stains, but we have to make the customer aware of the different products available to them depending on whether they are on the Illinois side or the Missouri side of the river.  Staining a deck will help to improve the life of the wood on the deck.  If you are going with a composite decking material, then none of this is necessary.  

     Most of the wood damage that we find is a result of water accumulation over time that can cause the wood beneath it to rot and decay.  Water damage is the most common issue we find with older decks.  Most people do not realize how damaging water can be, but nonetheless, it is the cause of most of the wood damage we find.  Many of our customers found out the hard way with their old deck.  If you are not made aware of this by your deck builder Belleville IL allow us to help you correct the problem.  Allow us to do an assessment of your deck so we can determine the best course of action.  We are looking to provide you with the best and most affordable solution so you can have a deck that lasts you for years. 

deck builder Belleville IL

Deck Staining Options

If you notice in the picture above, the deck has a nice dark tint to the wood.  Some customers prefer to have a natural look to their wood and want to have a stain that will help protect their deck for many years.  This stain will not last forever, but it will help to protect the wood from weather and water damage.  If you are looking for professional Belleville IL deck installation look no further, for we are the deck contractors for you.  Many of our customers prefer to spend a little more on their deck to have the maintenance free  composite decking.  

Why is this maintenance free you ask?  Standard wood decking requires regular wood treatment to maintain the structural integrity of the deck.  Depending on the products used, you may need to treat your deck every few years to keep the wood from suffering water damage.  If the wood is not treated with water repelling sealant, it can absorb that water and overtime break down.  Make sure that you have one of our deck contractors inspect your deck for you to determine if you need to have a water repellent sealant applied to your decks St Louis.  If your deck is sitting under a large tree, you may want to have the tree trimmed so that leaves and debris will not cause any damage to your deck.  Be sure to contact our tree trimming Belleville IL team to help trim your trees!

Composite Decking Options

Many of you have chosen the route of composite decking and do not need to worry about the water repellant sealant.  Our Belleville IL deck installation team will show you the benefits of the composite decking first hand.  The composite decking material is made from plastic so it will not absorb water like the wood option will.  Many composite decking options are also slip resistant and provide relief from splinters.  The composite decking is more expensive up front, but it may just be the best investment you make for your new deck.  If you are in the Nebraska area and are looking to remodel your kitchen check out Kitchen Remodelers Lincoln NE.

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